Pryde's EasiFeed

Jackpot Dressage Challenge

Incorporating the Country Victoria Championship

Saturday 21st May

Elmore Equestrian Park

Rich River Equestrian Club

Jackpot Prizes


1st  -  Pryde's Rug and rosette

2nd - Prize and


Individual Tests


1st  -  Prize and sash

2nd to 6th - sash

Official Results

For information on the Elmore Equestrian Club

Official EA Dressage on Sunday 22nd May

go to

Entry Fees


$27 per test

$10 facility fee per horse

1 yard is included with facility fee

SATURDAY - 21st May

Advanced  Adv 2 & 3

Level 1

1.2 & 1.3

Level 2

2.2 & 2.3

Level 3

3.2 & 3.3

Level 4

4.2 & 4.3

Level 5

5.2 & 5.3



  • Only horses entered in the competition are allowed at the venue.

  • The event is being run to HRCAV rules and regulations.

  • Membership & performance cards to be presented to secretary’s office minimum of 30 minutes before first test.

  • TWO Bridle or saddle blanket numbers to be provided by the rider

  • Club uniform and approved helmet to be worn.

  • Riders must present to gear check 20 minutes before first test.

  • Dogs are only permitted in the camping/float parking and camping area and must be tied up or on a lead at all times.  No dogs allowed in the competition/administration areas.

  • Protests must be submitted in writing to the Event Secretary.

  • The decision of the ground jury is final and no secondary protests will be entered into.

  • RREC accepts no responsibility for any accident, damage, injury, illness or loss to any person, horse or property.

  • The Organisers reserve the right to cancel any class, to divide any section, to alter the advertised times, to refuse entry without stating a reason.

  • NO refunds after closing date unless Vet or Medical certificate is supplied within 7 days of competition. 30% of entry fee will be deducted from refund.



  • Combination must be a current financial member of both HRCAV & EA

  • Combination must compete at both events being HRCAV Dressage on May 21st and EA Dressage on May 22nd

  • Best two scores from each day will be used to calculate the winners with points awarded for placings : 20 points for a 1st place down to 1 point for 20th place.

  • In the event of a tie for Champion, the combination with the highest total percentage over the four tests will be declared the winner.

  • In the event of a tie in total percentages, the combination with the highest total collective marks over the four tests will be declared the winner.

  • Country Victoria Championship will be awarded for Preliminary, Novice, Elementary and Medium.

  • Preliminary Champion – two Preliminary test placings plus two placings from either Level 3, 4 or 5.

  • Novice Champion – two Novice test placings plus two placings from either Level 2 or 1.

  • Elementary Champion – two Elementary test placings plus two placings from either Level 1 or Advanced.

  • Medium Champion – two Medium test placings plus two placings from Advanced.



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