Rich River Equestrian Club is based in north central Victoria (Echuca) and was started in early 2000 with a very small group of riders looking to compete rather than run events, which they had for many years with previous clubs. 


As a newly formed club, one team of four riders attended the 2000 HRCAV TTT Dressage in December that year and were lucky enough to be successful in winning the event.


In 2008 RREC was again successful in winning TTT Dressage and with the clubs tender to host the event in 2009 accepted, a mammoth group effort by the club saw the event held at Werribee National Equestrian Centre. 


At this point in time, RREC were in the early planning stages to establish an equestrian centre in north central Victoria to serve both equestrian clubs and competitors in this area.  With the funds raised from the TTT Dressage event and previous competitions held at the WB Hunter Reserve, the RREC is now a major contributor to Elmore Equestrian Park.


As well as having an affiliation with the Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria runs a number of HRCAV dressage Competitions. 


RREC holds an annual jackpot championship weekend in May every year, where riders congregate for competition and camaraderie - the essence of the HRCAV Association.


RREC holds regular instruction and green horse training days at Elmore Equestrian Park where all HRCAV members are welcome.


If you are interested in joining Rich River Equestrian Club Inc. or wish to find out more about Elmore Equestrian Park, please click on the relevant links in the menu above.


Members are invited to join us on Facebook where information on training days and upcoming events is updated regularly.

2000 TTT  Dressage winning team  ~ Left to right

Margie Kuiper, Joy Tebbens, Glenda Castles, Verna Bowes

2008 TTT  Dressage winning team  ~ Left to right

Jencie Castles, Javais Ham, Laura Pankhurst, Glenda Castles